Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blog Post #15

Part 1

I'm not sure I would change much about what I wrote in my first blog assignment. I will still keep my strategies about teaching. I will, however, add a few things I learned this semester. I will incorporate SmartBoard technology into my classroom. I will use blogs in some way. I'm not sure how yet. I think the green screen was pretty cool, so I'll try to use that, too. I will find book trailers to introduce the books I'm going to read and have students make their own podcasts. I love the idea of working as a whole instead of in groups or individually. It will help me get to know my students and help ensure that they understand what I'm teaching. This class has made me even more excited to teach, especially now that I know so much more about how other classroom are run. I definitely look forward to teaching now more than ever!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Last C4T


Comment #1:
The blog talked about the PACT program thing and how it would be a terrible idea. I was really confused about what they were talking about. They used really big words and I could not follow what was being said. I commented and just said thank you for this information!

Comment #2:
The blog post talked about how a 9 year old kid mad a Doc ( I'm guessing in Google ) and has been tweeting with parental permission. I think that's so cute. They talk over Twitter, too. I commented and said that I was really proud of that student for creating a doc and tweeting! And that I wished I had learned to do that stuff when I was that age.

Final PLN Summary

PLN Summary

So, this semester I have realized I'm terrible at remembering things. I have a hard time remember times and where I leave my keys and park my car. That has nothing to do with my PLN except that it helps keep me organized and if I do forget something, I can always go back to it. I found a website called SpringPad it's pretty awesome. I can make a notebook for each category. I could make one for school and for students. It's just really cool. I also use Pinterest a lot. Since I follow a bunch of the teachers and school stuff, I've been getting a lot of cool ideas for my future classroom. Of course everyone is on Twitter and SnapChat, Facebook, and other social media. I like that on YouTube we can make our own playlists. That's pretty awesome and I'm so glad I know about it now. I always find really cool stuff on there and never know how to find it again. Since we can make playlists, I'll be adding a lot of educational videos to it for future references. I believe my PLN has come a very long way and I'm super proud of it. I think this class has helped a lot with making me have to be self-motivated and have to manage my time wisely.

C4K Summary

Aubrey W.

She wrote about where she's from and what it's like in her city. She asked some questions at the end of her blog and I commented back and said, "Hey Aubrey! I live in a small town in Alabama. We have cows and lots of land. The closest thing we have to an attraction in Alabama football and Alabama Adventure. It has rollercoasters and a waterpark. I enjoyed reading your blog!"

He talked about his Easter weekend and everything he did. I went camping and saw fire dancing and explored and saw wildlife. He was in an egg run on Easter. He also went to the movies and saw the Croods. I replied and said he had an exciting and busy weekend and that it sounded like fun. I said I wanted to learn how to fire dance and I told him to keep up the good work.

Blog Post #14


The article talks about how the program works and it gives the details of how it's used in a classroom with Mr. Guardia. It's being implemented by schools like Texas A&M San Antonio, Clemson, and Stony Brook University. A few people said it was like Big Brother all over again. Because some classes are virtual, the teachers don't know if the textbooks are being read or not, so this company put some technology together to make it where the teachers will know if they open their books.

As a teacher, I sort of like the idea. It would help me keep up with my students' progress and really be able to see if they're reading what I ask them to read. On the other hand, I could just give a pop quiz and see if they're reading or not, too. It would show if someone was having a rough week or if someone was cramming the night before. I don't see how it's any of my business what my student's do, though. As long as they're making good grades, I should stay out of their personal lives.

As a student, I would absolutely HATE this!! The teacher doesn't have to know my business. If I want to take notes on a piece of paper then I should be able to. I'm paying to go to school. It's by my own choice. We have Big Brother everywhere we go, and I don't think they should be in our textbooks that we pay for. Just thinking about them putting something into our books makes me mad. I'm not a big fan of reading textbooks. Actually, the books that I've bought while I've been at South have all gone unused except for 3. And that's for this semester. Last year, I used one book. As a student, I think learning should be more interactive with each other and not all in a textbook. Life isn't black and white. I know math should be in a book because that hardly changes, but some stuff could be taught in a whole different way than some textbook. I just really don't like that idea.

Questions for the teacher:
Do you like this technology?
Do you think it would work for 30 students, 300 students?
Is this program really necessary?
What are the pros and cons of using it?
Is it more beneficial to you or to the students?
How do you interpret the information?
Will you want to use this in the future?

Questions for the students?
Do you like this technology?
Will you open your textbooks more?
Does the fact that you're being watched, make you nervous?
Does it bother you that you don't have a say in what type of books you buy?
Would you prefer not to have textbooks?
Has reading your books helped you on your quizzes?
If the school you're in now chose to incorporate CourseSmart into your textbooks, would you change schools?

For the comment on the website, I'd probably say: "This seems like a great idea, but in reality it's putting more work on the teachers. They have to keep up with that score as well as grades. Students are already being watched, told what to do, adding this CourseSmart to their textbooks will not help them. Some will continue reading their books and some will change their study habits. Students stay stressed about school as it is, adding this to the equation just piles on the load. It's an awesome idea, but I wouldn't buy it.

Blog Post #13

Blended Learning Cycle

Mr. Paul Anderson talks about his classroom and how it became blended. His approach is the QuIVERS approach. It stands for Question, Investigation/Inquiry, Video, Elaboration, Review, and finally, Summary. I see it as something like the method you use when you use the scientific method. He wants his students to have a question or wonder about something and then want to figure out the answer- which would be the investigation part. His review is awesome because he has videos for them to watch, some are even live. The summary is a quiz, that's timed to make sure they understand the information before they move on to the next chapter or subject. The students can take it a few times until they get the score they want, but they can't take it so many times that they don't have to study or anything.

I like his approach a lot. In the comments on YouTube, it says he uses some program, Moodle, to keep his classroom organized and scheduled correctly. I like that, too. I think this QuIVERS is a good way to make sure you stay on track with your students. It's also super organized and it'll show the students exactly what you expect out of them throughout the school year. I might just use it in my classroom.

Brian Crosby

He's a pretty cool guy. I like him and I sure wish I could have been in his classroom. He seems like he's really in it to teach the children and because he cares about their futures. I loved his idea of the balloon camera. I would have loved to be able to do something like that. I bet the pictures were amazing. It's crazy how he got so many responses from all over the world. It made me happy to see that he included Celeste in his classroom like that. It was super cute how all of his students pretended to be sleeping when he introduced her. I like that he can have fun with his students and not lose control of the classroom. They still have respect for him and everything. I bet those students will take whatever they learned in his class with them where ever they go.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Progress Report for Final Project

This is what we have so far! We're going to make a movie!

Survival Guide to EDM310

Top Ten Must Knows

10. Go To Class

9. Have the proper equipment

8. Making Positive Comments



7.Working with others
•be open

•be friendly

•do your share

6. Think for yourself assignments
•blog post assignments

•project assignments

•activity assignments

5. Don't procrastinate

4. Open up about 9 hours to do the work

3. Be open to working with new technology
•green screen


•2. Be able to write grammatically correct
•Give example of typing a poor post

•Give example of typing a great post

1. Stay positive because Dr. Strange is here to help you not Fail you.
• A teacher who pushes is a teacher who cares.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blog Post #12

We all have dreams and goals. We've had them since we were young. Our parents and friends would always ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up and they would ask why. My answer to that was, "just because." In this blog post, write two or more paragraphs telling about what you wanted to be when you grew up and why. Also, tell if that has changed and if it did, why you think it changed. If it's still the same, are your reasons for wanting to do it still the same? Follow the requirements in Writing a Quality Blog Post.

When I was younger I wanted to be a teacher. Starting in preschool, I would line my dolls and horses up and teach them. I even went as far as having my mom and grandparents sit around in the living room and listen to me. I would sing and sing for hours, making them clap and sing with me. No one knew where that was going, but they still let me do it. I would have "routines" made up and perform them on the trampoline and they would have to sit there and be quiet. I wouldn't let them talk. We have hours worth of home videos of me doing this. I think with them letting me "teach" them, they supported me and encouraged me. In first grade, I would go to the teacher supply stores and buy (my mom or granny would buy) gradebooks and those grading card things. I LOVED to pretend I was a teacher. By fourth grade, I had teacher edition textbooks, a podium, and a markerboard. If you didn't have one of those then you couldn't be a great teacher. By middle and high school I started really thinking about what I wanted to do. I changed my mind probably a million times and by the time I graduated, I had no idea what I wanted to do. The first two years of college, I wanted to be in communications or just major in English since that was the one thing I was good at. My boyfriend at the time convinced me to do nursing. He said it was good money and that I was smart enough to do it. Whether I really wanted to do it or not, I convinced myself he was right. I applied to the nursing program and got accepted. However, that summer really opened my eyes to what I would have to do for the rest of my life and NO I didn't want to be a nurse. So, here I am, waning to be a teacher again.
It changed, but only briefly. I know that God made me to be a teacher and I was silly for not following my heart to begin with. I am so excited to be a teacher and I can't wait! I'm not doing it for the money or health benefits. I'm doing it because I love kids and because seeing a smile on their face will make my day ten times better.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

C4K Summary for March

Camila was writing a letter to Ormie. He's a pig and wants some cookies. He likes to dance, too. She was giving him some hints about what he should have done. She added a PS and said to share some cookies with his friends. I commented and said an escalator was definitely safer than an airplane. And sharing cookies is always a good idea. I told her to keep up the good work!

Eva made a character to self blog post. She said she was like Dovewing because she noticed little details most people didn't. She said she worried about things, too but they were different things. She also said they were different because she was a person and Dovewing was a cat. I said I was the same way and that I worried about things, too. I told her it would all be ok. Then I said great post!


Cooper posted about making a video of making cool basketball shots. He said he made a shot with one hand, two hands, and even underhanded. He said sometimes it took more than one take to get the shot right, but it was still cool. He said he made it for Genius Hour. I tried to watch the video, but it wouldn't load. It would have been cool to watch though. I commented and said that it was probably a cool video and I wish I could have watched it.

Blog Post #11

Watching the Skpye conversation and the video of the kids, it really opened my eyes even more to see that teachers are really trying to get the kids to use technology. The world is changing everyday and we must adapt to the changes. I thought it was so cool that the EDM310 class got to Skype with Ms. Cassidy!

Ms. Cassidy has her students do blogs and she even has a webpage for them to use. I like how she said she got really into technology when she received those 5 computers. I know that must have been a blessing! It would be for the teachers of Fayette for sure. By using those blogs, the students have to use correct grammar and type it as well. I also like that she doesn't allow her students to use their last name on their blogs. No one wants a creeper!

The wiki was pretty interesting. I think I'll allow my students to use a Wiki. I like that you can use it to do research about other countries and find useful information on there. That would be a good group or individual project. I saw that they looked up rituals and traditions. EDM310 even made a wiki! That's really cool because they could use it.

The students getting to use Skype will probably change their whole outlook on life and the world. I wish we would have had that opportunity when we were kids. We didn't even have cellphones, much less get to talk to people around the world! I'm so glad Ms. Cassidy is letting her students do that because they will always remember those times they got to talk to kids all over the place. I know I would. I hope when I'm a teacher that I can use Skype as effectively as she does. That would be very beneficial to the students as well as to me.

The Nintendog is a bit much for me. I don't know if I would use that as a teacher. I would like to use more face to face skills to teach math and all of those types of skills. It's a good concept and I'm sure the students love it. I'm just not a big fan.

Ultimately, I think she is a great teacher and I hope I can incorporate technology into the classroom as well as she does. I hope whatever school I work in at least has a computer lab. Seeing all of these teachers using technology so easily makes me excited for the future. I'm glad they are open to change and actually willing to change for the students benefit.

Blog Post #10

Adventures in Pencil Integration

This picture was so confusing the first 1492098050234 times I read it. I finally decided to read the comments people posted in response to it and I understand it a little better now. It's making fun of the Mac vs. PC commercials. I think this would be a lot funnier if I got the Mac vs. PC commercial. I like the guy's blog though. He responds to the comments he gets and everything. To explain this comic would be to say, you buy a cheap pencil, you have to deal with what you get. There's some kind of quote for it but I can't remember it at the moment. But if it's cheap, it'll most likely break. If it's expensive, it might be worth it in the long run to spend that much money on it. Maybe it won't be such a hassle to deal with and maybe it won't break.

Christian Teacher

Why were your kids playing games?

Being a Christian Teacher. That's exactly what I want to be. I LOVED reading his post. It gives me hope out there that I can be who I am as a Christian and still be a great teacher. I love how he said he sees God everyday in school. How cool is that? God really is everywhere. Pray may have been taken out of schools, but God is just as present now as He was when we had prayer. Reading this makes me more excited than ever to become a teacher! Being a Christian teacher is exactly what he says it is: " It's about acting justly, loving mercy and walking humbly with God." Micah 6:8. No, I'm not going to be one that's not open to new idea and I'm certainly not going to be a stick in the mud about things.

Don't teach your kid's this stuff please?

Well that certainly wasn't what I was expecting. Scott McLeod is known as one of the best leading academic experts on K-12 technology leadership issues. He is currently the Director of Innovation for "Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency 8" in Iowa. He is also the co-creator of the video "Did You Know?" that I previously blogged about. He also wrote his own book called What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media.

His post was a witty, sarcastic poem that outlined the way society views technology. I'm sarcastic and I barely caught on to what he was doing. I think he's trying to get the point across that technology is good and useful. Technology is a great aspect to learning, and if used in the right, academic way, it can be very influential on a student's academic journey. Today, we use technology in more ways than we even realize on a daily basis. If we prevent our students from being able to use these resources, how can we expect them to survive in the real world, especially now?

In Scott McLeod's post, he outlines many of the cons that administrators, teachers, and parents give about the use of technology. He says that we "shouldn't" allow students to get on social networks because of cyber-bullying, or we "shouldn't" allow students to search the web because they will look at porn. These negatives are so overly used it is irritating. In my opinion, bullying will occur no matter what in any student's academic career. If it's not through the internet, it will be through whispering in the halls and pointing fingers or ganging up on someone at lunch. It will happen. It always does. It's happened to me before and I still struggle with bullying now. It's all part of life.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Summary Post C4T Teacher #3

Diane''s Digital Discoveries

She put a link on her blog to go to a website about image editors on the internet. There was Instagram, Phoenix, Google's Creative Kit, etc. There were some that I didn't know about and I learned a lot about them. Each one just gave an overview of each editor. I commented and said thank you for these tools. I said that I would use them in the future on my photos.

Diane put a link to "12 Most Picture Perfect Ways to Ensure You're Legally Using Online Photos." This was just telling some ways that people get in trouble by using someone else's pictures on the internet. The site said that just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean that you should. I just said thank you for these wonderful tips and that I had no idea we could get in trouble for using someone's picture.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blog Post #9

What I Learned This Year – Volume 4

Mr. McClung made some very good points. I was surprised to read that he was worried about what his peers thought about him as a teacher. I feel like we all tell each other not to worry about what others think of you, but that's easier said than done. I don't think he's the only teacher that's worried. I know that I'll probably struggle with that, too. I want everyone to think I'm a great teacher and I sure don't want anyone to be mad at me. I have that problem now where I get stressed if I know someone is mad. I think it's best to just stick with being concerned of how you're viewed by your students and the people above you. I like that his question was always, "Are the kids having fun?" That's a great way to be and I will probably always carry that question with me wherever I go. I never want my students to be bored or not want to come to class.

I wish more teachers would learn their lesson about becoming too comfortable as a teacher. I had so many teachers like that growing up. Even in middle school, I could tell when a teacher had been teaching the same stuff for a million years. It was boring and I hated going to class. I'm sure it gets to be a routine and you stop having to study up on everything for your students. I want to be the kind of teacher that has something new every year. I'll be exhausted I'm sure from all the planning, but in the long run it will be worth it. I know now my friends have tests from people that took the same class and they use those to make good grades on the test. The teacher never changes the test. I definitely don't want to be like that. I'm glad he's going to challenge himself to become a better teacher. Hopefully all teachers do that.

The update on his blog said that he was going to move to Woodland Jr. High School and be an administrator. I hope we continue to hear about his learning experiences there!

What I've Learned this Year 2008-2009

I really like this teacher's way of thinking. He points out that most teachers do not make their lessons student-focused. I believe that's true for the school I went to. I hope to be the teacher that everyone loves and I want to have my lessons student-focused so that they actually learn and don't just memorize everything to pass and forget it when they leave. Communication is the best medicine. Period. No matter what situation you're in, it's always good to talk it out. I'm TERRIBLE at communicating. I'm getting better though. I like that he said, " Our job as teachers is to simply pick them up after they fail, dust them off, and encourage them to try again." I agree 100%. We're supposed to be supportive as teachers and guide them in the right direction. As technology continues to advance every day, I don't think many teachers will be as afraid of it as they were back in 2008. I like that he did a survey at the end of the year. I want to do that with my students. I want to be the teacher that listens to my students. Every kid needs someone like that. Lastly, he says to never stop learning. How could we stop? The world is changing everyday so we must be willing to adapt.

At The Teacher's Desk

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blog Post #8

Dr. Richard E. Miller

I liked how he started the video with explaining how far we've come. A book that used to mean so much to us is now only .59 on Amazon. That's crazy talk! He explained that some of the changes were just incremental instead of fundamental. That confused me a bit, but I finally understood what he was talking about. The actual work isn't changing, just how we distribute it. It's funny that he said he article would slowly end up in the trash. He's probably right about that because some people just don't want to take the time to read anymore. Some people don't have the time, either. I like that everything is more web-based now. It can be a problem though when everything is on the internet or computer and we depend on them 100%. What happens when something prevents the computers from working or something? That's already happened to me and I was completely lost. I don't like depending on a computer so much.

Dr. miller also told how he works with his collegues to collaborate over the internet to make projects and things. That's pretty cool and it takes time. I know it's a very convenient way to work together on something. I didn't know we could go on the internet and find how senators voted. I will be checking up on that in the next election. I don't see how that will do me any good, but it's still nice to know the information. You never know when you might get asked to be on "Who wants to be a Millionaire." Also, I like he said we could use videos from YouTube or somewhere to make movies. Like with the Obama election and everything. That's a really good idea.

I've never really known what Itunes U is. I must go check that out at some point. It sounds like it would do me some good because of all the books and movies out there for school students. I'm not sure how I feel about the whale hunt. That makes me sad. It's cool that we can get behind the technology and see how something on the internet is created. I've always wondered how someone makes a website.I hope we do start using FinalCut in our classes. That would be cool. It's crazy to think that if something had been sent to computers for publication that it would take 2 years and there's no telling who would read it and where it would go. But with the internet, people can see and read it instantly. That has definitely been a huge influence in our society. I believe I am ready to write with multimedia. I'm not sure I'm ready to start making whatever that guy was making right before we had to cut the video off. That looked difficult. But using Pinterest and Twitter, Google, blooger, and all the great websites for teachers and students, will not be a problem. My students will use some form of technology. I'm not sure which kind. I'm sure it depends on the school system.

Carly Pugh

I wish I was as creative as Carly. That gene skipped me and went straight to my sister. I am working on it though. The videos in her playlist will come in handy someday and I will probably go back and watch them. I love how everything will stay on the internet so that we can use this as reference when we become teachers. I like the video that is of the schools that children deserve. It's true. We do need schools that are filled with creativity and encourage kids to be their own person instead of trying to make everyone the same. The video that said those that are crazy enough to think they can change the world, do, is probably the best quote ever. I completely agree with that. I wish schools encouraged students to try new things and to think outside the box. I know I will. No more than ever there is diversity in the schools. Parents aren't really used to having such diverse populations in the schools and sometimes I think children pick up on that. We may be from different parts of the world and have different cultures, but we are all humans. Kids don't know any different so we don't need to let them know that we do. I just wish kids could continue to see beyond the skin color and accents. We all want the same things in life. Let's work together instead of fighting.
The "When I Grow Up" video is precious. You don't realize how much influence you have on kids until you see how they act and hear what they're saying. I hope no teacher ever says they want to be a hobo. No matter how cute the kid is saying it, it still scared me. Teachers need to stay positive and always have good things to say. You might marry the wrong person, but there's a right person out there and you'll find her. Eventually. The little kid with all the questions for his teacher about computers and the internet is great. All teachers need to know how to use one and be able to teach kids how to use them correctly and safely. I think a teacher's job is broadening now as the world is learning new things.

The Chipper Series and EDM310 for Dummies

I think a good video for this class would a normal person does throughout the day and doesn't spend 9 hours a week working on this class. And then at the end show what happens.. they probably fail or don't make a good grade. Then would just tell some things that helped me get the grade I got for this class. Number one would be to always be on time!!! It's hard to get that in people's heads these days. Especially mine. Once someone gives me an idea for a video, I can come up with more ideas. Right now I'm completely blank!

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

I agree with what the people in this video are saying. We need to step it up as teachers. One man said that technology really isn't a choice anymore. He couldn't be more right about that. It really is about the relationship and community you build with your students. I like the way these people think. Everyone needs to think like them! However, I'm not sure I like the community system idea all that much. I think we should still have a classroom setting. That works for must students. I like the idea of having field trips and all that fun stuff. That's what keeps in interesting and fun. I hated the boring essays and book reports. It made me hate reading. But when I was in 5th grade I had to write my own story. I had to illustrate it and bind it. I had to put a cover on it like it was a real book. I love crafty things like that. That made me want to read. Not those book reports. I agree with that one man that said the jobs these students now will have when they are older won't require the right answer type of approach. They will definitely be called on to use their creativity and synthesis skills. The world is changing so, we, as teachers, must change with it. Our ways of teaching have to change to prepare the kids for the future.

Web 2.0

Animoto- it's free for Iphone and Droid users. That's a plus! It has high definition everything. So your pictures will be looking GOOD. It's not so free if you want to go Pro with it. If you're really picky about pictures and whatnot, this probably isn't the way to go. But on the plus side is has over 1000 commercially owned songs that you could put with your video. This specifically says there are no "cheesey templates." We're good to go now. It also has lots of different text fonts to use. There are testimonials from previous users. There are commercials done with this. That's pretty cool if you ask me!

Comic: Orange by Emily Barnes:


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

C4T #2

I commented on a blog titled, Keeping Kids First by Kelly Hines. She recently changed her blog's title and it's at a whole new website. It's now called, In the Trenches: Thoughts and Ideas from a Classroom Teacher. Her blog on February 10 talked about her using a video read aloud in the classroom for students. She gave reasons why it was a good idea to use it. I agreed with some of them, but I do not agree with her on others. I do not agree with her about everyone loves being read to no matter how old you are. I have never enjoyed that and I always hated when the teacher did that. I probably liked it when I was young, maybe 2nd grade and younger, but after that, no thank you. She said it was a good way to monitor the kids' listening skills. She is right about that. You can definitely tell who pays attention and who doesn't. She also said it was a good built-in make up lesson plan. That is true. I commented and just said I agreed with her reasons why it was good to use the video read aloud books. I didn't say I didn't agree with her about everyone liking it though. I also thanked her for the links to some cute videos that I can show one day when I'm a teacher.

Comment and Post #2: Kelly Hines put the video of Mayim Bialik- Blossoming to Science on her blog. It was really inspiring. She talked about science was hard for her while she was on the set of "Blossom" and that her tutor taught the cell like it was one of Picasso's famous paintings. She said that's when she fell in love with science. She went on to get her PhD in neuroscience. Now she's Amy Farrah Fowler on "The Big Bang Theory." They go to her when they have questions about neuroscience since her character is a neuroscientist. I commented on it and said thank you for posting the video and that it was really inspiring. I said it helped me not to be afraid to admit that I'm a nerd and that I like English. I love to read. So what? I think it'd be great if more people weren't afraid to be themselves.

Comment and Post #3: Kelly Hines told how her students were learning how to divide whole numbers and making fractions. She told the whole process of how she gave them notecards and told them to make up their own problem. Then on another notecard write the answer. Then on another one they drew a picture. She put the girls'in a box and then the boys' in a box and switched them and then had them put them all together. It was really cool. She left a link on her page so we could see some pictures of the work. I commented and said that was really good idea and thank you for posting. Here's the link to her blog.
In the Trenches

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Project 10

I believe I will be teaching elementary school children. I'm not sure if it will be Kindergardeners or 6th grade students. I found a site that is free and teaches kids math. It's called Math Blaster. I had the actual game on my computer when I was growing up and I LOVED it. I'm pretty sure I would play that game now if I could. I think I finally scratched that cd up so much it quit working. It's supposed to keep kids interested in math and help them learn. They also get to save the galaxy while they're playing. What kid doesn't want to do that? I would use it during class as maybe an incentive.I think it costs money to be a memember, but you can still play for free. If the student's did really well on a test or homework then they could play the game during class while the other students did work. OR if the school has enough computers then I'd take them to the computer lab and that's what we would do all during class. I like to mix things up and not make everything so boring and class-like. I'd expect students to know their multiplication tables faster or know how to add/subtract faster if that's what we were learning in class. I chose this because I loved it as a kid and I think other kids would love it, too. It may be a little different than when it was an actual game, but I still think it will be very beneficial to any student.

Podcast Project #8

Progress Report for PLN

I've started my PLN. It can definitely use some work. I've got to find some people to put on there. I'm still learning about it. I chose Symbaloo to use as my PLN. I might change it to the other one. It might be easier to understand. I just need a lot of work on mine and maybe get someone to help me. Otherwise, I think it'll be great and can use it in the future!

Blog Post #7

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

WOW. That man was incredible. God certainly used him. Not only was he a great teacher, but he was a great father and husband. The birthday surprise and second head fake made me hae tears. Before watching this video, I was thinking it would be just another informative video for us all to watch and rewatch way down the road. I didn't think it would be so moving and inspirational. This is the kind of video people need to watch more often. It shows that hard work does pay off and that everything isn't just handed to you. I'm so glad we had to watch this!! Thank you Dr. Strange for sharing this with us.

As for teaching methods and learning, Dr. Pausch just talked about how he pretty much created classes to teach for students. He had that one class where they would have to create a world (the one with the scary bunny thing) and present it to the class. They started letting the public watch and even had parents come sit in. I think that is a great way to get kids to want to learn. There was also a girl that said if you teach something in a storytelling way, it helps them learn better, too. I agree. He took them on field trips and showed them real life scenarios that they could work with. He genuinely cared for his students and their success. How cool is it that EA guarantees that they will hire Carnegie Mellon's students? I think that's awesome. The student's gave feedback on other students when they had to work in groups. It would show each student what their peers thought of their group skills. ( Not sure how to word that.) I think that is a very useful idea and will probably somehow work that into my classroom. The more I'm learning about all this technology and the way things are going now, makes me want to teach a higher level so I can put all this to good use!

I think Dr. Pausch was a great teacher. I think he continued to learn about people and things throughout his whole life. That's what keeps a person well-rounded. You have to have an open mind and be willing to learn something new. One of the most important messages of his whole lecture was that he said in other words, never give up. He said there would always be a brick wall, but it wouldn't be there to stop you, just the other people. He never gave up on his dreams. He also said that we learn indirectly or by a head-fake. I'm starting to agree with that.

Dr. Pausch's lecture was about achieving your childhood dreams. He talked about his childhood. How he wanted to be Captain Kirk, play in the NFL, reach zero gravity, and work on the Disney team. He told how he set out to reach those goals. He told what he learned along the way and that yes, there would be a brick wall. He didn't let the brick wall stop him, though. He climbed over it and kept going. He talked about working at Carnegie Mellon and working with the staff and students. He was a pretty funny guy. He was always positive in everything he said and never had a mean thing to say about someone. A summary won't do his lecture justice. I think EVERYONE needs to watch that video. It will change your whole outlook on life. I know it did mine.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

C4K Summary for February

Ellie's story was about a shark at Shark Beach. She said it looked like a torpedo and then the teacher made everyone evacuate the water. I commented on it and told her that I enjoyed her story and was glad that the shark didn't attack. I told her I look forward to reading more of her stories.

Ja'Corian wrote about his life. He said he was 8 years old and in the 3rd grade. He told all of his favorite things and when his birthday was. He told who his family was and that his life was good. I commented on it and said a few of my favorite things. I asked what his favorite thing to learn about in science was because he said that was his favorite subject. I also asked if he played any sports. He said he liked basketball so maybe he plays basketball, too. I said I was glad his was good. Every kid's life should be good.

Taunese told a story about a girl chewing gum so much that she looked like a cow. Taunese is from New Zealand!! Too cool. I replied and told her I loved her story and the fact that the girl would stick her gum on the elevator buttons and people would touch it. Why haven't I thought of doing that before? I told her to make sure she uses the correct for of the word, "there." Other than that, it was a cute story.

Ellie F
She wrote a story about a dog chasing a squirrel. The dog's name was Meatloaf. I laughed at that. She noticed the leaves had changed colors, and that they were "yellow, reddish-pink." I think that's cool that a little kid notices things like that. I commented and told her the story was really cute and that the leaves changing colors reminded me of where I'm from. I told her the dog in the story reminded me of my dog and I asked if she had a dog.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blog Post #6

The Networked Student

I learned that we are not the only class that is sort of doing this whole network teaching thing. I learned that we are not the only students being challenged to learn and teach ourselves. Students have to use different conections to teach themselves. It's a great way to meet new people and get different opinions on everything. They can offer their own opinions to other blogs and know when they update it.

The students can listen to podcasts and support his learning. Itunes has podacasts from some top universities and anyone can listen to them. They can use skype and other social bookmarking tools. Students can share what they have learned with the world as well.

It's still good to have a teacher. They offer guidance when a student is confused or gets stuck. The teacher shows them how to communicate properly with the world. The teacher hopes that when the student leaves the classroom, they will maintain their network and use it in their future. She wants the students to "use it to solve the world's problems." I believe Dr. Strange has the same beliefs.

A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment

I liked the girl's PLE. It was actually really cool. I liked the way the computer screen looked and how organized she was. I wish I could be that organized for this class. It would be a life saver! I think our PLN is a bit more advanced than theirs is obviously. But it's still advanced and makes the students have to be responsible. I'm glad that's what our educational system is doing these days. It's finally holding students responsible for their actions. It's also keeping student's from being able to get by with doing nothing in the classroom. I like how both of our classes keeps us involved and the teacher is just a supplement. We teach ourselves and if we have questions, the teacher is right there for us. I'm not sure how doing a report on an animal qualifies you enough to hold it, but I suppose it's a little different where she's from. I like the use of technology but then again, I don't. I wish things were more hands-on and interactive in the classroom. For instance, with our class I wish we could all be in class and do our podcasts together as well as our blogs and other videos. As much as I hate group work, I love the idea of us all being together and looking stupid together. I watched other My Sentence Videos and I would like to make a group one some day. I think that would be really fun and not lame at all.

Point of Interest :)

Kelly Hines, my C4T, put this on her blog. I love this. You'll love it, too if you love "Big Bang Theory" or "Blossom". I didn't know how to just make it a link. It's easier to watch this way anyways. ENJOY!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blog Post #5

Who is Krissy Venosdale?

Krissy Venosdale has been teaching for 10 years and is currently teaching gifted children. She has been to Space Camp and has loved it every time. She decorates her classroom with a different theme each year. You can even take a tour there. (Who knew?)

She is a teacher that wants to have the coolest and most exciting classroom of all the teachers out there. She wants to be remembered by her students. She wants them to take something away from their time together, too. She wants her classroom to be busy like the world and for her students to be creative. She wants it to be a habit. She wants learning to come from experiences, not just pages in books. She wants a child's gifts and struggles to be recognized and addressed. Krissy Venosdale is exactly the kind of teacher I want to be.

If I Built a School

Like she said, I have no idea how a school would even be started. Maybe one day I'll get the sticky note and can build my own school. Honestly, I think my school would be a lot like hers. It would be so colorful and exciting. It would have a cute WELCOME sign for the students. The principal, secretary, and all the teachers would be friendly. There would still be rules the students would have to follow, but kids wouldn't break them. The library, of course, would have the huge tree house. That is a wonderful idea. I want my school to be a lot like the Children's Hands on Museum in Tuscaloosa and like the McWayne Center in Birmingham. How cool would that be? I don't think the students would ever want to leave. Movie time in an Imax theater? YES PLEASE! I know I would be in Heaven. There would still be homework and tests to make sure the kids were still learning. Technology would be integrated into the curriculum. The lunches would be healthy and yummy at the same time. All students would be included in everything. No one would be left out. There would be classes on learning to tell the truth and trusting people. There would be field trips to all the cool places in the state, maybe some even out of state. I want the students to enjoy learning and being there. There would be NO SAT's or OLSAT's or any of that. No way. I liked her idea of the parking spot and having a student write what the teacher meant to them on it. That's definitely going to happen at my school. I guess I'm going to start buying lottery tickets so I'll have a chance at winning and actually building this school now.

Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir

If that's not amazing, I don't know what is. That blew my mind. I think that is a great use of the internet. I wish more people would do incredible things like that instead of putting garbage on there. Stuff like this could change everything if more people would be open to the ideas. I love this and I think he should do more of these!

Teaching in the 21st Century

I feel like Kevin Roberts is on the right track. I believe he is correct. I think all teachers should think and teach the way he does. He made some good points about entertaining and engaging. School should be engaging and students should have to put some effort into it. They should constantly be learning. This is going to affect me in the future by making me want to be a better teacher. He has already given me the motivation to be a better teacher than the ones I had growing up. I want students to enjoy my class and take something away from it when they leave. I know technology is going to be a big deal as the years go on. Now I am looking forward to being able to use it in my classroom. It will make for some interesting discussions and some pretty awesome projects made by students.

Flipped Classroom

I like the idea of flipping the classroom. It's a good way to get student's to engage in the material and in learning. I think it was really cool that Katie Gimbar actually Frequently Asked Questions videos for the parents, students, and whoever else had questions. I don't know how well some students would benefit from this if they are the type of learner that is a visual and hands on learner. I understand that they can watch the video and do the problems at home, but personally, I would have a hard time learning like that. I like being in the classroom and having the teacher physically there to teach and help me throughout the class time. I might use it in my classroom. I might not use it 100% and have all the learning material on videos. I will probably use the videos to maybe add some bonus questions on tests or for other things. I like the idea, but I wouldn't want someone to not learn because that's all the teacher does. It does save time, but I'm still old fashioned about teaching in the classroom.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blog Post #4

Podcasting with First Grade

This blog talked about how the teacher went about creating a podcast. It was really cool. I lliked how she took a few students out at a time to record them talking. I also liked how it helped the students follow along if they got lost. It's a much easier way for students to learn how to read and it keeps them interested in the story when they are the ones reading out loud. I will definitely be using this type of style in my classroom. The more I can get my students to interact with me, the better the school year will be for me and them. Learning about all this new technology makes me excited to become a teacher even more than before!

Langwitches Listening-Comprehension-Podcasting

After reading this blog I realized that teaching styles have changed dramatically since I was in elementary school. I absolutely LOVE the way this teacher taught these students. I would have loved to learn Hebrew when I was young. Having them read a story and then having to put it back together in the correct order is just one of the many ways they are having to use their brains to get things finished. They are even learning a new language and learning how to use context clues. It's easy to read a story to children and then have them tell you what it's about. They might remember for a few hours but when it comes test time, they might forget. I just really like this idea and hopefully I'll be able to use this one day. It's one of my favorite things I have learned about so far.

Flat Stanley Podcast

I am a huge fan of Flat Stanley. I had one when I was younger that was taller than I was. My friends mailed it to me after I moved so they could see all of the places and things I was seeing. Like the children in this podcast, I wanted to be turned into a Flat Stanley and I really didn't see why I couldn't be. I think this is another great idea to get the kids interacting in learning. They are having fun and don't realize that this is school and that they are being taught something. I'm sure they will talk about this when they are seniors in high school. Listening to them tell the story made me smile. I love their creativity and them using different tones of voices to tell the story. It's like I was actually there. This was great. They each have such cute voices and accents. Jasmine has got the cutest little voice I have ever heard. I loved her story, too. My favorite was Emily who went to Alabama. She said "Roll Tide." I definitely like this teacher!

My Podcast

I learned to put emphasis on some words as I'm telling the story. It has to be like the person listening is really there. You don't want to be monotoned. I know I can be creative and be myself in my own podcast. I can't wait to do one!